Ultimate Peru Adventure (16-Days)


  • A night of camping under the stars in the Sacred Valley of the Incas
  • Puno Tour
  • Full day boat trip to explore the islands of Lake Titicaca
  • Huchuy Qosqo Trek
  • Machu Picchu
  • Amazon River Rafting through the Jungle!

What’s included:

  • 6 nights in a 3-Star Hotel, 8 nights camping, 1 night in Guest House
  • All breakfasts, 8 lunches, and 6 dinners.
  • Transportation after your arrival in Lima

A tour of Machu Picchu has long been considered an essential stop for adventurous travelers, but much of the rest of Peru is often overlooked. From Amazon jungle rafting to spectacular views of the Amazon basin, the Ultimate Peru Adventure package offers your opportunity to see so much more of what Peru has to offer.

The tour includes not only a spectacular tour of Machu Picchu, but it also offers several days on the Amazon Jungle’s Tambopata River, plus 2 days of level III and IV rapids. This is not a tour for the faint of heart. Rafting affords the opportunity to experience breathtaking views of the river as it flows across the National Park in the Amazon Basin. There are 1,500 species of flora and fauna within the National Park, so be sure to bring a camera and some binoculars.

All from $5,595 per person.

Ready To Go?

Day 1

You will arrive in Lima to meet up with the rest of the tour group. This is your time to recover from jetlag and prepare for the upcoming adventure with a relaxing night at a Lima hotel.

Depending on the time of your arrival, you may want to visit one of the city’s museums or churches or take the opportunity to sample some of the world-renowned foods on offer within the city. We suggest the 1,500-year-old Pucllana Temple in the Miraflores district, which offers both culture and cuisine in one convenient location. While the temple is only open to visitors until 5 pm, the exterior is dramatically illuminated after dark. The gourmet restaurant onsite remains open long after the temple closes.

Day 2

Cusco Tour

After breakfast, you will be driven to the airport in a private van for your flight to Cusco. Upon arrival in Cusco, you will be welcomed by an experienced tour guide who will take you to your hotel and provide a briefing about the upcoming schedule. They will also provide information regarding other activities.

Once that is done, you will take time to tour Cusco itself. While Cusco is often viewed by travelers as merely the beginning of a visit to Machu Picchu, it has many tourist attractions of its own. It was named a World Heritage Site thanks to the enormous number of Pre-Columbian buildings within the city. You may explore this wonderful city either on your own or with one of our optional guided tours, explained below.

The first option is a 3-hour tour that includes a visit to Sacsayhuaman, as well as the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption in Cusco. It mainly focuses on the history and culture of the city and the surrounding region. This tour also includes the Plaza de Armas, referred to as the Square of the Warrior by the Incans. Nearby is the Machu Picchu Museum, for those interested in learning more about the historic site. The Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption is another must-see attraction near the plaza. Millions of people from all over the world gather here to see this exquisite combination of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, as well as the dazzling examples of colonial gold work.

Only a 20-minute drive away from the plaza is the ancient fortified city of Sacsayhuaman, which was built in 1100 and predates even the Inca civilization. The Incans did expand the city significantly over a period of seven decades by building enormous walls. These walls consist of 350 tons of stone blocks, which were cut and stacked without mortar.

If adventure outside the city is more your taste, 2 mountain biking tours can be arranged upon request, for an additional fee. One is a day tour that will take you to the Incan ruins of Maras and 600-year-old salt mines that are still in use. The other tour is 3 days long and requires special planning to coordinate it with the overall adventure tour. It covers 93 miles from start to end, from the Andes to the Amazon rain forest, with a stop at one of Peru’s warmest hot springs. Both tours are exceptional and well worth the extra effort for those who enjoy mountain biking.

Another option is the unforgettable horseback riding tour. Lasting about three hours, on this tour, you will be provided with a horse that is already saddled and ready to ride. After everyone is at ease with their mount, the tour will progress on easy terrain for about 30 minutes to Sacsayhuaman. After you visit the wonders of that settlement, the tour will go on to Kenko, where you will find a giant-carved rock in the shape of a puma.

Going up the mountain a little, then back down toward the valley, the tour will pass through Puca Pucara to get to Tambomachay, which is noted for its two fountains with continuous running water. There is a theory among locals that Tambomachay was visited by royals in much the same way that Machu Picchu was. From here, you will return to the ranch through villages, forests, and beautiful mountain vistas. The trip to and from the ranch is only ten minutes each way by car.

Any of these options will offer you a memorable start to your adventure.

Day 3-5

Huchuy Qosqo Trek – Sacred Valley Tour – Machu Picchu

These three days will include the perfect combination of hiking through glorious scenery, colorful Peruvian villages and ancient Incan ruins. Along the way, you will also see the enormous terraces and the megalithic wall of Ollantaytambo, the town of Pisac, and Machu Picchu itself.

High above the valley floor in Pisac, not only will you see the water ducts, and terraces cut into solid rock, you will also visit the Sun Temple. Many people feel it rivals anything in Machu Picchu. Pisac itself contrasts a thriving modern village with a bustling and traditional marketplace.

Finally, we will come to the unforgettable magnificence of Machu Picchu. Located almost 8,000 feet above sea level, Machu Picchu was built by the Incas around 1450 AD. It was a royal estate during the peak of Incan civilization and was visited by the greatest emperors of the period.

Although Machu Picchu was abandoned about a century later during the Spanish Conquest, it remains notable today because of its incredible preservation. The quality of the original architecture is still very much evident. Its elevated location offers breathtaking views of both the surrounding mountains and the Sacred Valley below. Some of the outlying buildings here have been restored to give visitors an idea of what they looked like when they were first built.

In addition to the ruins, it is also possible to distinguish the terraced fields which were once used to grow crops for the resident population. These offer a glimpse into how the common people within the Inca civilization lived.

Day 6

Puno Tour

A luxury motor coach will be provided for the drive to Puno, offering panoramic views of the Andes and the flatlands during the six-hour drive. A buffet lunch and beverages will be served as an English-speaking guide walks you through the upcoming schedule.

Located on the edge of Titicaca, the town of Puno has existed for more than two-thousand years. Tradition has it that the very first Inca first rose from the waters of Lake Titicaca on the orders of the Sun God, and this first Inca was the founder of the civilization.

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Day 7

Lake Titicaca Tour

Day 7 features a full day visiting the islands of Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America and highest navigable lake in the world.

At Amantani, you will learn the customs and traditions of the area. The homes here are mostly made of adobe, and the residents are known for their textiles and their skills with ceramics. There are no cars on the island, and no machines allowed, so all farming here is done by hand. Though solar panels have been installed on some homes, most homes here still use batteries or hand-cranked power.

After sampling the local cuisine for lunch, a tour of the floating Uros islands is next on the itinerary. These islands consist of totora reeds and are man-made, providing both homes and transportation for their residents. They are home to the Uros tribe, which pre-dates Incan civilization. It’s fascinating to note that these islands can be moved, if necessary.

From here you will be transferred to Juliaca to spend the night.

Day 8

Tambopata Candamo – Amazon Jungle Rafting

While the first week of this tour is enjoyable and informative, the second week is all about the fun and adventure. From Juliaca, you will traverse a scenic route surrounded by jungles and mountains. Upon reaching the river, you will river-raft for a couple of hours until you reach the first camp.

The Tambopata River crosses the National Reserve, which was formed to protect the forest and provide refuge for an enormous variety of wildlife. The reserve contains two different ecosystems and is renowned for its biodiversity.

The limited presence of humans here has enabled the wide variety of species to flourish; there are 127 species of amphibians and 103 species of mammals. The flora is equally impressive and includes cedar, mahogany, and Brazil nut trees. It is an astonishing environment to experience by raft.

Day 9-13

Whitewater Rafting on the Tambopata Tour

This portion of the Tambopata River is one that no other Peru adventure tour will show you. It involves going deep into the most remote part of the Amazon jungle for 3 days of whitewater rafting through Level III and IV rapids. There is an enormous variety of flora and fauna to experience along the journey, and the rapids offer heart-stopping excitement.

Day 14

Tabara River

A motorboat will now take you along the Tabara River to the next destination. By this time, you will almost certainly be ready to leave your tent behind and get back to the lodge and a real bed. This will be a good time to relax and regroup, and we recommend you turn in early to prepare for the next day.

Day 15

Macaw Clay Lick

Macaws are large, colorful parrots that have been suffering a decline in population due to deforestation and poaching for the pet trade, but efforts are being made to rescue them from the brink of extinction. A conservation project at the Macaw Clay Lick works to study their habits and breeding patterns. Intelligent and charming, these beautiful birds also have a playful side that comes through in their clown-like antics. The Macaw Clay Lick is a ‘must see’ for anyone visiting the area so you will wake up early on this day to check out these charismatic birds in their natural habitat.

Afterward, a three-hour journey will take you to Puerto Maldonado to spend your last night of the tour.

Day 16


After being thoroughly immersed with the natural beauty of Amazon Jungle for more than a week, you will be transported back to the Lima airport in a private van to catch a flight back to your home country. We would be happy to help you find a hotel in Lima at an additional cost should you wish to fly out the following day, or to make other arrangements.

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